Why weed in my quim?

    • THC, absorbed through the mucous membrane of the vagina, has been shown to increase sex drive and enhance orgasms
    • Use of THC has been shown to decrease coitus-related vaginal pain

    What's up with tea tree?

    • It's mother nature's antifungal and antiseptic, so it keeps those UTIs and yeast infections away
    • We've made sure to use just enough tea tree to keep the quim balanced, as the use of large amounts of essential oils is not recommended

    Can I use Intimate Oil with condoms?

    • Coconut Oil -like all oils- breaks down latex, increasing the likelihood of condom breakage
    • We recommend checking out alternatives to latex, like nitrile or polyurethane condoms

    Is Intimate Oil just for people with vaginas?

    Although our Intimate Oil has been designed with vaginas in mind, it is absolutely something all adults can enjoy. The combination of cannabis and tea tree does aim to enhance the vaginal orgasm and prevent vaginal infection, but a happy vagina is a good thing for everyone :)

    Are there health benefits to having more orgasms?

    • Yes! Orgasms increase levels of immunoglobulin in the body, helping fight off colds and other viruses
    • Orgasms serve as both a natural stress reliever and pain reliever

    Will I get "high"?

      • While most people do not report feeling a "psychoactive" high when using Quim Rock's Intimate Oil, every body is different
      • Application process, amount used, tolerance for cannabis and personal body chemistry are a few of the many factors that may affect your physical reaction
      • Please use with caution - we recommend testing in small doses before fully applying

      How to get started?

        • If possible, apply our Intimate Oil 15-20 minutes before play time, game time or you time to allow for maximum absorption
        • As many factors contribute to your physical reaction to Intimate Oil (tolerance, application process, personal chemistry), we recommend starting with a lower dose and listening to your body

        What if this makes my quim itch, burn, or feel unpleasant in any way?

        • Stop using immediately

        • Rinse area thoroughly with warm water


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        I love it only has three ingredients: coconut oil, cannabis oil, and tea tree oil. The sensation is mildly cooling after the initial application and after waiting the recommended amount of time, I used a vibrator and had an explosive and powerful orgasm! Then another! I’m definitely going to have to work Quim Rock into the regular rotation!
        — Ashley Manta, The Cannasexual